South Dakota Active Medical Marijuana Patients in 2024

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South Dakota Active Medical Marijuana Patients - 2024

The table displaying the number of medical marijuana patients in South Dakota for 2023 and 2024 shows a consistent increase in patient numbers throughout 2023, starting at six thousand in January and rising to almost 13 thousand by December. This upward trend continued until February of the following year, getting a slight decrease in March and May.

Month 2024 2023
January 13,150 6,474
February 13,705 7,337
March 13,581 8,107
April No data 8,762
May 13,428 9,549
June No data 10,191
July No data 10,858
August No data 11,416
September No data 11,767
October No data 11,862
November No data 12,483
December No data 12,907

Source: South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program